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Law Enforcement

Nodak Arms is a Type-07 Federal Firearms Licensed company based in Minot, ND. We are also a Class-02 Special Occupational Tax (SOT) payer. What this means to our local Police and Sheriff's Departments is that we can be your source for controlled firearms, such as select-fire rifles, carbines, and submachine guns. If your department already has AR-based firearms, we can convert them for you to select-fire firearms.

Current select-fire items available for demonstration are:

  • M4 Carbine – Mil-spec with 14.5” barrel and A3 upper.

  • CAR Carbine with lightweight 16” barrel.

  • Commando (XM177 type) with 11.5” barrel.

  • M16A2 Government model with standard 20” barrel.

  • M16 9mm Carbine with 10.5” barrel.

  • Romanian AK-47.

  • Yugoslavian M70AB2.

Nodak Arms is also able to offer special pricing for ammunition purchased by, and for the use of, your agency.

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